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Hezbollah cmdr killed; Israeli-Lebanese cross-border fire

Lebanese militants and Israeli Defense Force (IDF) traded cross-border fire after the news that Hezbollah commander Samir Kuntar was killed in an airstrike in Damascus. Israel fired artillery over the border after rocket fire hit northern Israel on Sunday. The IDF “responded with targeted artillery fire following the rockets that hit Israel earlier today from […]

“ISIS stole sarin gas from Libya stores” Gaddafi’s cousin

Over the last 12 years, there has been no applause for US intervention in the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, we’ve seen great destabilization, and the same is true of Libya and Syria, says Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan African News Wire. Although Libya has been a basket case since the 2011 overthrow […]

Turkey ready to give up on blockade issue for Israeli gas?

Israel and Turkey are close to normalizing full diplomatic ties, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office said Thursday night, following a high level secret meeting in Switzerland a day earlier to hammer out the reconciliation terms. Incoming Mossad head Yossi Cohen, and Joseph Ciechanover, who has served as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s special envoy to […]

Chemical agent sarin smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – MP

Islamic State terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce deadly sarin gas via Turkey, Turkish MP Eren Erdem has told RT, insisting there are grounds to believe a cover up has taken place. The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) member, Erdem, brought up the issue for public discussion in parliament last week, […]

Hopefully, no nukes needed in fight against ISIS – Putin

The downing of a Russian Sukhoi bomber by the Turkish Air Force was sufficient reason to start a war, but Moscow chose not to respond symmetrically, says Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “What did 20th-century countries used to do in a similar situation? A war began,” Medvedev said on the ‘Talk to the Prime Minister’ […]

Syrian FM condemns U.S.-led coalition’s airstrike against army

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that four U.S.- led coalition warplanes targeted with 9 rockets one of the Syrian army’s posts in Deir Ezzor province, claiming the lives of 3 soldiers and injuring 13 others in addition to destroying three armored vehicles, four military vehicles, 23 mm machinegun, 14.5 machinegun and a depot of arms […]

Assad: No 70,000 moderates, not even 7000 moderates

After nearly five years of civil war that has resulted in an estimated 250,000 deaths, an exodus of millions of refugees, the burgeoning of Islamic State into an international terrorist threat and the bombing of his country by the West and Russia alike, President Bashar al-Assad wasted no time in attacking the British airstrikes that […]

Turkey just invade Iraq to protect Erdogan’s ISIS Oil routes?

Contrary to what you might have read, there’s really nothing unusual about that. As you may recall, Turkey’s military entered Iraq back in September in hot pursuit of PKK “terrorists” Ankara claimed had fled over the border. And that was just par for the proverbial course. Here’s what we said at the time: In early […]

Israel claims to have conducted airstrikes on Damascus

Israeli jets carried out several raids North of Damascus overnight Thursday-Friday, Israel’s Channel 2 claimed, citing foreign reports. There were no immediate reports of casualties, the Times of Israel claimed. The airstrikes were said to have targeted a four-truck Syrian army convoy, loaded with ballistic missiles. The Israeli planes struck the vehicles after they left […]

London tube station stabbing ‘a terrorist incident’

The stabbing of three people at a London tube station by a man wielding a large knife is being treated as a “terrorist incident”, the Met Police has said. The suspect apparently shouted “this is for Syria” before attacking members of the public near the ticket barriers at Leytonstone station. One man was stabbed in […]

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