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Ukrainian guard killed in protests against Donbas autonomy

Demonstrators have brawled and lobbed grenades outside Ukraine’s parliament, killing one officer from the interior ministry’s National Guard and injuring up to 100. The violence was in protest against a parliamentary vote to grant concessions to territories held by Russian-backed rebels. The interior minister, Arsen Avakov, said one officer died from shrapnel wounds and around […]

Syrian Kurds offer to help US-led coalition invade Syria

The leader of a Kurdish enclave in Syria said that the US-led coalition forces fighting the Islamic State group (ISIS) can operate from bases in its territory. Saleh Muslim, leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) that controls Syria’s Kurdish regions, or Rojava, also said that moderate Syrian opposition forces can be trained in its […]

Pyongyang responds to Seoul’s provocations at border

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared the country’s front-line troops on a war footing, after tensions with South Korea soared following an exchange of fire at the border. Such threats from Pyongyang are common, but this time the declaration came after South Korea fired dozens of artillery rounds towards the North on […]

Israel hit by rockets from Syria; confusion over blame

Northern Israel has been hit by four rockets fired from Syrian territory, amid contradictory claims from Israeli defence spokesmen over who was responsible. Israeli defence sources initially blamed Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but later on Thursday briefed journalists that the source of the fire was a group under the direction of an Iranian figure in Iran’s […]

Libya chaos continues, PM’s resignation reported as official

In a not wholly unexpected twist to Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni’s surprise resignation on TV last night, the government spokesman that it was simply an offer to resign. Hatem Oraibi said there had been no official resignation. All that had happened is that, while defending his position in tough questioning from interviewer Mohamed Zeidan of […]

Alex Salmond: UK must probe airstrike death reports

ALEX Salmond yesterday called on the UK Government to investigate claims that UK-embedded airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria. The SNP foreign affairs spokesman has asked the Ministry of Defence to investigate the findings of a report by Airwars, a project team of independent journalists, which shows […]

Hezbollah takes full control of Syria’s western Zabadani

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters backed by the Syrian army purged the last Takfiri terrorists from the Western parts of Zabadani in Damascus countryside on Wednesday. Ain Tayat in Western Zabadani was purged of Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists today. Ain Tayat had become the most important stronghold of the Takfiri terrorists in Western […]

Syria rebels say they won’t fight al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra

Division 30 signals rejection of Washington’s strategy, even as US vows to step up air support to defend the group from attacks by the radical Islamist faction. US-trained rebels in Syria have defied their Pentagon-funded programme by pledging to fight against Assad regime troops. Division 30, the first rebel faction to incorporate graduates of a […]

Obama authorizes airstrikes ‘to defend’ US-trained rebels

The US president has reportedly authorized the Air Force to protect Syrian rebels trained by Washington to fight against Islamic State by bombing any force attacking them, including Syrian regular troops. Thus the US may become involved in the Syrian civil war on the rebel side. The change was first reported by US officials speaking […]

Turkey: two soldiers killed in suicide attack blamed on PKK

Two soldiers have been killed and 24 others wounded in a suicide attack in eastern Turkey. It is claimed militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, were behind it. A tractor laden with explosives was used to strike a military police outpost in the Dogubeyayit district of Agri province, which borders Iran. Last month, […]

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