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Tunisia attack: Sousse killer Rezgui ‘trained in Libya’

Tunisian authorities have said the gunman who killed 38 tourists in Sousse on Friday was trained at the same Libyan jihadist camp as the two suicide gunmen who attacked the Bardo museum in Tunis in March. The Libyan link was disclosed by a senior security official, Rafik Chelli, who told Associated Press that Seifeddine Rezgui, […]

Turk lawmaker confirms Ankara’s role in ISIL’s Kobani attack

A senior Turkish lawmaker disclosed that Turkey has helped the ISIL terrorists to return to Syria’s Kurdish border town of Kobani through Turkey. “Once again the Turkish officials helped the ISIL terrorists to enter Kobani,” Gaziantep MP Mehmet Shekar revealed on Friday. He noted that the ISIL terrorists had reentered Kobani on seven vehicles, and […]

Brookings Institution: U.S. to begin invasion of Syria?

After arming and funding a literal region-wide army of Al Qaeda terrorists, the United States now plans to use the resulting chaos to justify what it has sought since the beginning of the conflict when it became clear the Syrian government was not to capitulate or collapse – the establishment of buffer zones now called […]

Attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait & France stun three continents

Scores of people were killed in separate attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France on Friday. Thirty-seven persons were killed when a man pulled a gun hidden in a beach umbrella and opened fire at a packed Tunisian holiday crowd, in the country’s worst attack in recent history while a suicide bomber struck at a mosque […]

UK Neo-Nazi attempted murderer member of National Action

Zack Davies was found guilty of attempted murder after launching a vicious attack on a Sikh dentist at a Tesco in Mold. Dr Sarandev Bhambra’s family say that the crime should have been reported as an “act of terror.”. National Action regularly posts videos online showing themselves training to fight, spraying anti-Semitic graffiti and carrying […]

John B Wells calls out Alex Jones & Michael Savage

Joining us for this edition is the author of The Autistic Holocaust, Jon E. Mica, to discuss why our children keep getting sick. But first, a quick visit with software engineer “DJ.” John calls out Alex Jones of Info Wars, Michael Savage on GMOs & Captain Cangaroo. – John was most likely removed from Coast […]

Libya’s air force warns Europe over naval plan for migrants

The air force commander of Libya’s internationally recognized government has warned European countries that any vessels entering Libyan waters without permission would be targeted by air strikes. The warning came after European Union foreign ministers agreed on Monday to launch a naval operation to combat people-traffickers who have brought thousands of migrants on perilous journeys […]

Iraqi volunteer forces reject cooperation with U.S. army

The Iraqi Volunteer Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) categorically rejected a Bloomberg report on their cooperation with the American troops in Iraq. “There is no cooperation and coordination with the Americans to win back the regions controlled by the ISIL,” Spokesman of Iraqi Volunteer Forces Karim al-Nouri said in reaction to news reports on Hashd al-Shaabi’s cooperation […]

Kurdish militia wants Syria rebels to lead attack on ISIS HQ

A Kurdish militia leading an attack on Islamic State strongholds in Syria so far has no plan to extend the assault to the group’s de facto capital of Raqqa city, and such an advance should be led by Syrian rebels, a Kurdish leader said on Wednesday. The comments by Saleh Moslem, leader of the Democratic […]

Putin discusses Ukraine, Syria & U.S. with Charlie Rose – CBS

Russian President Vladimir Putin rarely gives interviews to foreign media, but at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last week, he spoke with Charlie Rose on a wide range of topics.

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