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Dep DM completely rules out war between Russia & Ukraine

A top Russian defense official has said in an interview that Ukraine was not an enemy of Russia and ruled out even a theoretical possibility of war between the countries. “We will not start a war with Ukraine under any circumstances. Ukraine is not our enemy. I cannot allow for even a theoretical possibility of […]

Iranian source confirms seizure of U.S. owned ship

An informed source in Iran confirmed earlier reports that the Iranian Navy has seized a US ship in the Persian Gulf, adding that the ship is Marshall Islands-flagged, but is owned by the US. “The ship is a trade vessel and has been seized by the Iranian naval forces at the request of Iran’s Ports […]

Aid flights to Yemen blocked after Saudis bomb airport

Planned aid flights to Yemen have been blocked after Saudi Arabian jets bombed the runway at Sana’a airport on Tuesday. Aircraft belonging to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition carried out the bombings on Tuesday afternoon to prevent an Iranian plane from landing in the Yemeni capital, a spokesman for the coalition said. Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri […]

Israel killed 44 in UN schools; Hamas wasn’t there – UN

44 people were killed as Israeli fighter-jets bombed UN-controlled buildings. The organization also lashed out at Hamas which used some the sites to hide arms. But there were no weapons in the attacked premises, and those building where ammunition was found were empty. Yoav Kish – member of the Knesset from the Likud party – […]

500 Guard troops in Baltimore; 1,500 more on the way

About 500 Maryland National Guard soldiers and airmen are in Baltimore on Tuesday — with another 1,500 expected to arrive by the end of the day — one day after rioters plunged parts of the city into chaos. Rioters torched a pharmacy, set police cars on fire and threw bricks at police officers hours after […]

Igor Strelkov: Resumption of war in Ukraine inevitable

According to Igor Strelkov, there is no doubt that Ukraine intends to go to war with Russia. A correspondent of the Eurasian News Fairway interviewed Igor Ivanovich Strelkov (Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin—military leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR], a former commander of the insurgents in the city of Slavyansk and organizer of the forces of […]

Angelina Jolie sings the U.S. intervention song again

Angelina Jolie thinks U.S. intervention is the best solution to the Syria refugee crisis, which is mainly caused by U.S. led death squads sponsored by Saudi Arabia & Qatar hosted in Turkey & Jordan. She thinks it is a great solution, because it worked so well in the past. In Libya, where Jolie personally praised […]

Keiser Report: The power of alternative media :)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that the cultists, conspiracy theorists and crackpots as unemployed journalists refer to bloggers and alternative media have been ages ahead of bootlicking, war-pushing, no-talking about TTIPing mainstream media. In the second half, Max interviews Tom Coughlin of about the company’s gold trading platform, the fate […]

US-Turkey start training more proxy forces against Iran

About 200 Syrian opposition fighters will begin military training next month in Turkey, despite ongoing Turkish disagreement with the Obama administration over the enemy they will combat when they finish the six-week course. “We plan to train and equip around 2,000 over the year” in a joint US-Turkish programmeme, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said […]

US-Israel start training more proxy forces against Russia

Troops from the United States and Ukraine have officially opened joint training exercises intended to help bolster Ukraine’s defenses against incursions from Russian-backed separatists in the east. Speaking under driving rain at a military base in the western region of Lviv, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the armed forces needed to be rebuilt from scratch […]

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