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Syria says it’s ready for Russian planned talks with opposition

Syria said on Saturday it was willing to participate in “preliminary consultations” in Moscow aimed at restarting talks next year to end its civil war but the Western-backed opposition dismissed the initiative. Two rounds of peace talks this year in Geneva failed to halt the conflict which has killed 200,000 people during more than three […]

Ukraine: Mass prisoner exchange following peace talks

The Ukrainian government and separatists from the country’s southeast on Friday began swapping hundreds of prisoners of war in a rare sign of cooperation between the two sides. The prisoner exchange, which was reported by the Interfax news service late Friday afternoon, came during a period of diplomatic stagnation, as peace talks that involved Russia […]

Libya: 22 soldiers killed in failed attempt to seize oil terminal

Islamists have killed at least 22 soldiers in a surprise attack using speedboats during a failed offensive to seize some of Libya’s main oil terminals, officials said. The fighting in the oil-rich region came as pro-government forces lost ground to Islamist militias in the eastern city of Benghazi, where jihadis beheaded six people and killed […]

Jordan pilot ejected over Syria after ‘technical failure’

Technical failure caused a Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State group jihadists in Syria to eject after flying at low altitude, activists and a monitoring group told AFP on Friday. Maaz al-Kassasbeh “was flying at a high altitude to start with. He hit the brick factory and then disappeared from sight”, said Obada al-Hussein, an […]

Ukraine to seek NATO membership & step up assault on east

Ukraine’s parliament has voted to drop its official neutrality in international relations. President Petro Poroshenko pledged on Tuesday to seek NATO membership although it is not clear how soon Kyiv would apply or if it would be accepted. More than 300 MPs voted in favour of the law. Hryhoriy Nemirya from the“Batkivschyna” party said: “The […]

Al-Jazeera Egypt off air amid Cairo–Doha reconciliaiton

Cairo and Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat—Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, the controversial Qatari-owned channel that covers Egyptian news and which has been banned in the country, announced that it would be suspending its broadcast on Monday following an easing of diplomatic tensions between Cairo and Doha. Al-Jazeera Media Network, the channel’s parent company, issued a statement confirming that […]

Syria downs Israeli drone over the Golan Heights

An Israeli reconnaissance drone has been downed over the southwestern Syrian city of al-Quneitra reportedly by the Syrian army. Citing military sources, media reports said the Skylark unmanned aerial vehicle “was brought down” on Sunday when it was doing reconnaissance over Quneitra in the Golan Heights. Quneitra is located in the demilitarized zone between Syria […]

Iraqi Kurds make gains; Deputy military chief of ISIL killed

The Kurdish Peshmerga forces have regained control over two strategic areas of Tal Afar Mountain and Zumar after fierce battles with ISIL Takfiri terrorists. Reports say militants were seen fleeing toward Syria. ISIL terrorists are now trying to strengthen their presence in the city of Mosul after the latest advancement by Peshmerga forces. ISIL militants […]

U.S. accuses N. Korea of orchestrating online attack on Sony

The FBI says North Korea is behind a huge hack of Sony Pictures which led to the cancellation of the release of a movie depicting the death of the secluded nation’s leader. RT talks to global trends forecaster Gerald Celente. It Turns Out Kim Jong-un’s Uncle Was Not Fed To A Pack Of Wild Dogs […]

Turkey issues arrest warrant for top Erdogan rival Gulen

A Turkish court has issued an arrest warrant for long-time Erdogan rival Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric, state media reports. The 1st Istanbul Penal Court of Peace accepted the request of Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office to issue an arrest warrant for Gulen on Friday, reports Anadolu Agency. The prosecutor said Gulen should be charged with […]

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