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Russian jets to aid the fight against Sunni rebels in Iraq

Jets from Russia and Belarus will hopefully make a key difference in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, the country’s Prime Minister Nouri Maliki said. He expressed regrets over Iraq’s contract with the US, saying their jets are taking too long to arrive. “God willing within one week this force will be effective and will […]

Campaign to sack Tony Blair as Middle East Peace Envoy

Russell Brand, has joined Stephen Fry, Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot and many more, calling for Blair to be sacked as Middle East Peace Envoy. Add your name now. Seven reasons to sack Blair for the seven years he has been Middle East peace envoy • 1 War = Peace Tony Blair and George W Bush’s […]

Obama seeks $500M to train & equip Syria opposition

The Obama administration will seek $500 million from Congress to help “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the moderate Syrian armed opposition,” funding that, if approved, would deepen U.S. involvement in that country’s civil war. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden announced on Thursday that the administration would seek the money that she said […]

Libyan elections: Low turnout marks bid to end political crisis

Voting has ended in a Libyan general election marred by low turnout and deadly violence. The election is seen as a last chance to end the anarchy that has gripped the country since the 2011 overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Officials said about 630,000 people voted, fewer than half of those eligible. At least five people […]

Ukraine: Self defense forces agree on more talks in Donetsk

Pro-Russian militias in east Ukraine say they’ve agreed with Kiev on another round of peace talks on Friday. The talks come amid a unilateral ceasefire by the Ukrainian government in the country’s troubled east. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has said that pro-Russian gunmen in the region have proved their interest to resolve the crisis there […]

Missing Israeli teens used to justify collective punishment

Israel’s massive crackdown in the West Bank, which was sparked by the disappearance of three Israeli students on June 12, has now entered its 13th day and shows no sign of letting up. The incursion, dubbed “Operation Brother’s Keeper,” has killed five Palestinians, arrested at least 361, raided some 1,600 locations, and put the entire […]

Iraq: Unknown planes bomb ISIS, Pentagon denies it’s US

Unidentified bombers have reportedly launched an air strike on ISIS positions in the northern Iraqi city of al-Qaim. Iraqi television has claimed they are US planes, but the Pentagon has denied responsibility. US planes were identified by Iraqi television, but the Saudi Al-Arabiya network claims that the raid was carried out by Syria, citing local […]

Luhansk resident: “What ceasefire are you talking about?”

Ukrainian military forces shot at the settlement of Privolye near the city of Lisichansk in east Ukraine’s Luhansk Region overnight to Tuesday. A woman was killed in the shootout. An electric power substation was destroyed that resulted in a halt to underground waters pumping from a neighboring coalmine that was consequently flooded. Coalminers managed to […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu threatens Syria with more attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened more attacks against Syria, just after the Israeli air force carried out a set of airstrikes against the country. Netanyahu says Israel will respond with even tougher force if Syria retaliates against Tel Aviv. Syria’s Foreign Ministry says the attacks breached the 19-74 Separation of Forces Agreement and […]

Putin asks senate to revoke right to use military in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has proposed that the upper house call off the March 1 resolution allowing the head of state to use the armed forces on the territory of Ukraine, said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. “Because of the beginning of the three-party talks to settle down the situation in the eastern parts of Ukraine, […]

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