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US & Iran send positive signals, Saudis & Israelis not pleased

Obama administration officials insist “possible military dimensions” of Iran’s nuclear program must be resolved to the satisfaction of the IAEA to complete a nuclear agreement. But the term refers to discredited intelligence from suspect sources. One of the issues Obama administration officials are insisting must be resolved to the satisfaction of the International Atomic Energy […]

Hezbollah vows retaliation after IAF airstrike in Lebanon

Hezbollah has vowed to retaliate after accusing Israel of launching an air strike at one of its positions near the border with Syria this week. The attack on Monday, which Israel has not acknowledged, would be the first inside Lebanese territory since the start of the Syrian conflict three years ago. There was material damage […]

South Korea calls North missile test ‘provocative act’

South Korea has denounced North Korea’s test-launching of four short-range missiles as a “provocative act” timed to coincide with Seoul’s annual military drills with Washington. Pyongyang test-fired the missiles into the Sea of Japan on Thursday, three days after the controversial military exercises began. “With the exercises underway, we see the firings as a calculated, […]

British man charged with hacking Federal Reserve computers

A British man has been charged with hacking into computer servers belonging to the U.S. Federal Reserve, and then widely disclosing personal information of people who use them. Thursday’s charges against Lauri Love were announced four months after he was arrested in England, and accused by U.S. and British authorities of hacking into various U.S. […]

GCHQ and NSA intercepted Yahoo users private photographs

British and American surveillance agencies teamed up to develop a system that collected millions of images from the webcams of unsuspecting and innocent internet users, new leaked documents reveal. This “Optic Nerve” program — administered by the UK’s GCHQ with the assistance of the National Security Agency — routinely intercepted and stored those webcam images […]

SecDef. Chuck Hagel warns Russia not to intervene in Ukraine

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel warned Russia on Thursday to stay out of the turmoil in Ukraine, while NATO defense ministers issued repeated statements meant to show support for the new leadership in Kiev. “We expect other nations to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and avoid provocative action,” Mr. Hagel said after the ministers met at NATO […]

Amnesty International: Cut off military aid to Israel

Amnesty International has released a stunning report saying that the international community should cut off military aid to Israel because Israel has killed dozens of civilians at peaceful protests in the last three years “widespread impunity”– including 22 civilians last year. The human rights organization concludes. It urges the USA, the European Union and the […]

Kerry says next Afghan president will sign deal with U.S.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that he is confident the next president of Afghanistan will sign a bilateral security deal with Washington that would authorize an enduring US military presence in the country beyond 2014. The deal could allow thousands of US troops to stay in Afghanistan for up to a decade […]

Libya: Killing of police officers sparks heated road blockades

Street blockades made of damaged traffic signs, boulders and tyres set alight were set up by protesters on Dubai St in Benghazi on Wednesday, sparked by the killings of two police officers by unknown assailants. The two policemen are reported to have been shot dead by bullets to the head in the Majuri neighbourhood, quickly […]

Battle against al-Qaeda continues in Iraq Anbar province

Faced with open defiance from the leader of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria and Iraq, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri publicly expelled the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), suspending its franchise and stripping it of its status as part of the Al Qaeda global enterprise. The split will test the value of […]

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