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Former Lebanese minister killed in false-flag attack?

Former Lebanese Finance Minister Mohamad Chatah was killed Friday in an explosion that rocked a central business district in Beirut. At least four others were killed and at least 70 were wounded, sources said. Known for his criticism of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Chatah, 62, a Sunni Muslim, was also a critic of Lebanon’s Shi’ite […]

TV series on life of Mossad agent Ben Zygier (Prisoner X)

The life and dramatic death of Australian-born Mossad agent Ben Zygier is to become a television series. Mr Zygier was found dead in an isolation cell in the maximum-security Ayalon Prison in Israel in 2010. The series, which has the working title Prisoner X – the name given to Mr Zygier by the Israeli government […]

CIA mini series helps US get into Cold War mentaility

‘The Assets’: Capturing a CIA Traitor; CIA agent Sandy Grimes recalls hunting down a CIA officer turned Soviet spy during the Cold War. In November 2012, Grimes published a book, which gave full account of her handling of the Aldrich Ames case, entitled Circle of Treason with Jeanne Vertefeuille. ABC has ordered a limited series […]

Israel’s pairing prisoner release & settlements angers many

As Israel released a group of 26 long-serving Palestinian prisoners early Tuesday, with another announcement of new construction in West Bank settlements expected soon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced sharp criticism from all corners, including conservative members of his own coalition. Palestinian leaders threatened that any new settlement activity could lead them to seek membership […]

Trolley blast in Volgograd kills at least 10 in terrorist attack

A terrorist attack in the Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 10 passengers on a trolley bus. The explosion comes a day after a suicide bombing in the city which killed 17 people and injured scores of others. Health officials reported 10 fatalities in the Monday morning blast and 23 injured being treated […]

Made in Saudi Arabia: Salafist, Wahhabist radicalism in Africa

Radical Salafist and Wahhabist groups with names like Boko Haram, Seleka, and Uamsho, unheard of a decade ago, are massacring Christians during church assemblies, razing Christian villages, and assassinating moderate Islamic clerics. Of course, this Saudi-made mayhem is a godsend for the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), which can point to the spread of «Al-Qaeda»-linked terrorism […]

Russia Volgograd suicide bombing kills 14 ahead of Olympics

A suicide bombing has killed at least 14 people and injured over 40 in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, raising concerns about terrorism just over a month before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. A female bomber carried out the blast in a Volgograd train station, 400 miles from the site of the […]

Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says

When Qatar’s royal family was looking for advice on charitable giving, it turned to a well-regarded professor named Abd al-Rahman al-Nu’aymi. The 59-year-old educator had a stellar résumé that included extensive fundraising experience and years of work with international human rights groups. But one apparent accomplishment was omitted from the list: According to U.S. officials, […]

French comedian performance ban over anti-Semitism?

France is considering banning performances by a comedian who has been accused of insulting the memory of Holocaust victims and whose shows could threaten public order, the interior minister, Manuel Valls, has said. The interior ministry is exploring legal ways to ban Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, who has been fined repeatedly for hate speech and who […]

Turkish protesters call for PM Erdogan resignation

Thousands of people in Turkey have poured into the streets across the country, calling on the administration of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to step down amid a growing corruption scandal. Late on Wednesday, some 5,000 people staged a massive protest rally in the districts of Kadikoy and Besiktas in Istanbul, where riot police fired […]

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